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The Realms

Each realm of Varia is a piece of the multiverse, broken away from the rest and giving shape to an idea or force, such as creation, order, or freedom.


Yet the multiverse resists this fracturing, and over each new realm, a divine realmlord is born to oppose the essence of their realm. A "good" realm must grapple with an “evil” realmlord. On a realm of darkness, a realmlord of light rises to combat it.


In brief flashes of cosmic time, the realmlords become mortal, and strife overtakes their realms. It is during this time that realmlords may fall, and others rise to take their places. A realm under new rule may change its core ideas or even lose its purpose altogether, fracturing at its core and creating a remnant.


The countless realms of Varia are yours to explore. Begin your discovery here.


The Characters

The characters of Varia represent some of the greatest legends from across the countless realms of the multiverse. Some specialize in physical attacks, close-up or at range. Others devote themselves to magical combat, and still others combine the two.


Each Varia class deck represents a character and a way of combat. Use your favorite character's deck to play right out of the box, or combine cards to create your own fighting style!

These countless adventurers are yours to enjoy. Learn more about each individual here.


Their Stories


Death Pirate & Divine Paladin Short Story

The Ivory Shore

Rose and Destin clash in this spectacular conclusion.

Will Destin fulfill the will of his goddess,

or will Rose finally get her revenge?

Written By Chris Backofen


Death Pirate Short Story

Skeleton Crew

Rose joins her father on a dangerous mission.

Will the adventure leave her feeling broken and alone,

or will it ignite something deep within her soul?

Written By Chris Backofen


Divine Paladin Short Story

Mortal Fog

Destin runs into trouble on his voyage to a new land.

Will a demon-possessed fog consume him and his crew,

or will The Goddess's light show Destin the way?

Written By Chris Backofen


Dragon Knight Interactive Story

The Trial of Thorns

Two brothers recall the story of Sir Aaron.

Will the younger sibling show his age and hear a lesser tale,

or is he finally old enough to learn the tragic truth?

Written By Anthony Tessitore


Divine Paladin Short Story

The Hand of the Goddess

A pious, desperate father brings his young son to a paladin order.

Is his boy's lefthandedness blasphemy

... or a blessing?

Written By John Dale Beety