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Varia is an expandible, dueling, deckbuilding card game that uses a unique combination of cards and dice to create a narrative-driven combat experience between two players.


That's a mouthful, so we've taken to referring to it as a "First-Person Card Game." Basically, Varia pits you against your opponent in 1v1 combat that will have you trade dice and cards in a fight to the death.


In this fast-paced game, you'll use a combination of action cards and dice to simultaneously lay the hurt on your opponent and foil their attempts to do the same. Varia's unique combat system promises to drop you in the thick of the action right from the first turn.


So pick a class, grab some dice, and get ready to throw down in the original first-person card game!

No Minions

Varia flips the script and puts you on the front lines. You’re the one taking the hits and dealing the hurt in this first person card game experience.

No Ramp-Up

Full power from the start. Without the ramp up period that most card games have, Varia puts you right in the action on the very first turn.

No Quitting

Varia uses dice so it’s not over until the health hits zero. There’s always a chance, so you can hang on until your last breath. No two games are alike!

No Barrier to Entry

Varia’s class decks are balanced against one another and offer a single purchase format that keeps both new and old players on equal footing.

No Limitations

Designed to be wholly customizable, Varia allows for custom class creation and unlimited deck-building potential.

No Waiting

With its unique shared turn structure, Varia ensures that player interaction is always at its maximum.

No Boosters

Varia is sold as an expandable card game, meaning that it’s easy to find the exact card you need at a predictable, low cost.


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