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Out of the Box

Our standard format. Pick up a single class, open, and play. It's that easy!

This is the perfect format for players who are new to Varia, are looking to try out new cards and not have to build your own deck, or don't want to have to invest hundreds of dollars just to be able to compete.

Each of our class decks are built to be at a comparative power level to each other, offering a standardized play experience.



Level Constructed

Our advanced constructed format. Create a build that perfectly defines you!

This is the perfect format for experienced players who want to experience everything Varia has to offer.


Step 1 - A level playing field

The first thing you need to do is determine what level your character will be. This is important because it will determine the power level of your build. If your character build is level 10 and your opponent is level 5, you will easily win. The key is to build at a level that is equal to the other players you will be fighting against.

Our recommended "Build Level" for competitive constructed play is as follows:

  • Start with 30 Health Points

  • Include items with total value of 30 or less

  • Create a 30 card deck with any cards you wish, so long as the shared level between those cards does not exceed 10, and there are no more than 3 copies of a single card included in the deck. 

This format (while being the most complicated) enables players to explore everything Varia can offer and affords players the most amount of freedom in creating the build that best suits their play-style.




Determining Your Level

To determine a deck's shared level, you must look at the highest requirement per attribute of cards in your deck. For example, If you include the card Healing Hammers as the first card in your deck, your deck would be considered to be "Level 4 Faith". This is because Healing Hammers has an attribute requirement of four Faith. From this point forward, any other cards you add to your deck that have a requirement of four or less Faith will have no impact on your deck's level. You may add Guided Strike and Arms of the Goddess, your deck is still "Level 4".


Healing Hammers.jpg
Guided Strike.jpg
Arms of the Goddess.jpg

But what if you add a card from another attribute? What if you really want Spellbreaker in your paladin deck?



Spellbreaker has an attribute requirement of three aggression. Because Spellbreaker requires an attribute that is not apart of your deck yet, it will count toward your level. At this point, your deck would be considered to be "Level 4 Faith, Level 3 Aggression", also known as a "Level 7". 

At this point, if your goal was to make a level 7 deck, you would be at max level. You could only add actions to your deck that had a faith requirement of four or less, and an aggression requirement of three or less. You could add some Critical Strikes and an Enrage or two just fine, but if you decide that you really need that Thy Will Be Done then you are going to need to remove all actions in your deck that require more than one aggression.

Critical Strike.jpg
Thy Will Be Done.jpg


We built Varia to be configurable. In all reality, there is no limit to how you play the game.


Varia uses a point system in order to ensure fairness between two builds.


Item cards, for example, have a value number in the bottom center of the card. This number is used to ensure that all players are coming to the fight on equal footing. Our formats typically use a total value of 30, meaning that players are allowed to have up to 30 gold worth of items equipped at the start of a game. But there is nothing stopping you and your friends from trying out a 40 gold limit, or 100, or infinite! All that matters is that each player knows the limit ahead of time, and comes prepared.

The same approach is used for deck construction. We encourage decks to be limited to 30 cards, with no more than three copies of a single card, and a total maximum level of 10. That said if your playgroup would like to try out 60 card decks with a four-of rule, or 100 card singleton decks, or decks that are Level 20, feel free to do so! As long as all players are abiding by the same rules, you are in the clear!

We also understand that having sanctioned formats is important for competitive purposes, and so we have created the above two formats to serve as our "standard" in terms of competitive play. 

Have a format that you and your playgroup really enjoy? We want to hear about it! Let us know by filling out the form below. 

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