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How is Varia sold?

Pre-Constructed Class Decks.

Initially, Varia will be sold as seven different pre-constructed decks, each of which represents a different class. Our most basic format is played out of the box, and the intent is that each of these classes will be relatively balanced against each other. This is largely in an attempt to keep costs down for our players. We hate the fact that for some TCGs, the cost to compete is extremely high (in excess of $400.00 in most cases).

Varia's entry-level competitive experience is $16.99. 

Can I build my own deck?


We built Varia to be a highly-configurable product. There is nothing stopping you and your playgroup from taking apart the pre-constructed class decks that we offer and building your own decks from those cards. We do it here at the office and it is super fun! 

How can I learn how to play?

Through our Demo or Twitch Stream!

We offer a free print & play pdf of Varia that walks you through your first several turns of the game. 

We also will be scheduling weekly Varia streams on twitch, where we will be playing the game live and answering questions as they come up in chat. Feel free to check our schedule, stop by, say hello, and learn a thing or two from the people behind the game!

You can also direct questions to us via our contact form below or on twitter @guildhousegames. Be sure to use #VariaJudge!

What are attributes?

Deckbuilding limiters. 


The seven attributes are aggression, tenacity, faith, spirit, intellect, charisma, and subtlety. 

When you set out to create your own custom Varia build, you and your playgroup need to agree on what limitations you will have in deckbuilding. One of those limitations is deck level.


Each of the class decks we offer are Level 7 decks. You can tell this because each of the decks has a card that requires seven attributes in order to include it in your deck.


For example, the Volcanic Warrior has the card Decapitate in its deck. Decapitate has an attribute requirement of seven aggression. That means that in order to include Decapitate in your deck, you must be making a build that is at least level seven.


Let's say you wanted to take some Guided Strikes out of the Divine Paladin and add them to the Volcanic Warrior (taking out the Volcanic Warrior's Critical Strikes). You would be unable to do so if you were trying to keep your deck at Level 7, because Decapitate requires seven aggression and Guided Strike requires one faith, meaning that your minimum possible deck Level is 8 (7+1). If you were to also remove the decapitate from your deck, you would be okay since the next highest aggression card in your deck would be Explosive Charge. Explosive Charge has an attribute requirement of six aggression. 6+1=7, so you would be in the clear!

We use attributes as a way to limit what you can include in your deck so that you don't simply take all the best cards and shuffle them together, while simultaneously making it so that you don't have to worry about who is allowed to play what cards while you and your friends are in-game. 

There is nothing worse than having a fist full of cards you can't play because some random resource didn't line up quite right. Attributes make it so you never have to worry about that!

What about cards that don't have attributes?

These are Generic cards and can go in any deck. 

Cards that are generic, meaning they have no attribute requirement, can go into any deck and do not affect your overall level in any way. They are cards that anyone can use.

Will there be competitive tournaments?

We hope so! 

We are currently working with a number of game stores local to us (Greater Philadelphia Area in Pennsylvania) to have some tournaments set up. 

If you would be interested in having a Varia tournament at your store, please reach out to us via our contact form below. 

How can I help / get more involved?

Show your support any way you can!

We are a small team of super-passionate gamers who wanted to create a new CCG experience for you all. You can help us by liking, following, and sharing us on social media, asking your LGS to have a Varia night, showing the game to your friends, busting out a couple of class decks and playing a game at your next convention, basically anything you can do to spread the word. The more Varia players that are out there, the more fun things we can do!


There are some great ideas that we have waiting in the wings - we just need players to share them with!