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What is          ?

Varia is a card and dice-based dueling game that brings tabletop RPGs and card games together to create a brand new experience.

  • Pick one of over 7+ unique fantasy classes.

  • Swing swords, raise shields, and cast spells.

  • Create your own plan of attack...

  • And foil the plans of your foes!



Choose A Class | Build Your Own

Play out of the box with a pre-constructed class or mix and match any card to create your own experience.

Dragon Knight.png


Pick a class, grab some dice, and start playing!

  • Designed with accessibility in mind.

  • Each pre-constructed class is balanced against all other classes.

  • No deck building or booster lottery required, just pick the class that most interests you and start playing!


Level Constructed

Create your own experience!

  • Designed to be customizable.

  • Unique attribute system allows all cards to be mixed and matched across all Varia products.

  • Levels ensure your deck and items are on par with your opponents, creating a fair and fluid system with limitless potential. 

  • Build & fight at level 5, 10, or even 20!


Choose One Of Eight Classes

With seven more arriving this fall, and even more in the works for 2022!

Volcanic Warrior.png

Volcanic Warrior

Mystic Monk.png

Mystic Monk

Dragon Knight.png

Dragon Knight

Cosmic Mage.png

Cosmic Mage

6th Blade.png

6th Blade

Death Pirate.png

Death Pirate

Divine Paladin.png

Divine Paladin

Shadow Assassin.png

Shadow Assassin

Fast & Fun

No resource flood/screw and shared turns mean you always have something to do.

  • Action point system is consistent and fair for both players.

  • Active and Reactive players share a turn, giving each player equal opportunity to play their cards.

  • Deckbuilding restrictions have no impact on gameplay - instead, you focus on making the best play and not worrying about having the right costs. 


Community First

Our focus is on our players.

  • Designed with organized play in mind - our Out-of-the-Box format was made by players, for players.

  • We run groups online and in stores, and have unique giveaways at every event.

  • Help shape the game with thoughtful feedback - we listen to our players and work with them to continuously improve. 

  • Join us on Discord and find out how friendly and welcoming we are! You can interact with the creators of the game directly - a true indie gaming experience.

Stock is moving fast - don't miss your chance to play Varia on the tabletop!

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Varia Logo Main-01.png