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Getting into Varia has never been easier!

This single box has everything you need to start playing, and is the best way to get started with Varia or introduce a friend to the game! Packaged within a beautifully illustrated storage box are two Varia class decks that are perfectly balanced against one another to offer exciting matches again and again. Along with the decks are two sets of d6|d4 dice, colored to match each class. Also included in the box is a full-color rules booklet to help newcomers learn the basics of Varia combat, and even comes complete with a beautifully illustrated full-color comic that introduces readers to the wider world of Varia lore!

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Expand your arsenal in flavorful ways!

Each pre-constructed class offers a new twist on Varia combat. Packaged within each deck is everything you need to play that class - all cards, tokens, and stacks included! Our classes are designed and developed to be balanced against the other classes, offering repeatable and engaging combat again and again.


No deckbuilding required - simply pick a class, shuffle up, and start playing!