Step into the shoes of a skilled monk with this ready-to-play Varia deck.


This deck utilizes a unique stack called Chi. Many of the magical actions in the deck generate stacks of Chi that you can use short-term to enhance your current self, or store up the alternative energy to fuel a long-term plan.

To master this deck you must become the line between demonic rage and angelic grace. Many of the cards in the deck are either angelic or demonic in type. As you play each card, your discard pile will begin to reflect your past actions. Were you overly angelic? Did you rely too much on demonic power? Maintaining a balance between the two types is the key to unlocking the deck's true power.

Mystic Monk Class Deck

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  • 5 out of 5 - This deck is great for those who enjoy a challenge and are familiar with trading card games. 

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