A battle of cosmic scale rages on the outer canopy of Rune’s realm-encompassing shield-tree, and its inhabitants are none the wiser.


Six remnants found new purpose as the realm of Rune. Each former remnant rests upon a branch of Rune's realm-spanning tree. Within the tree, Sul shines, supplying all of Rune with heat and light, though not equally. Souls pass between the former remnants with each death and birth in an endless cycle.

Rune's realmlord, Thrymyskyra the Lifemother, cast a spell as she gave birth to Sul, transforming herself into an enormous shield that protects both Rune and Sul from the rest of the multiverse. The inhabitants of Rune do not know of this barrier -- or of the seven-headed serpent Dagon, manifested from abyssal forces of the multiverse, that is rampaging on the other side. Dagon is tireless in its onslaught, continuously seeking a way through the canopy to devour everything inside it.