• Realm of Origin: Ana Delor

• Current Realm: Ana Delor

• Main Attribute: Charisma


Rose Alvarez was born to the pirate's life. Her father, a disillusioned paladin of the Holy Navy who deserted with his crew, married a faewitch merchant whose death magic had slain more than one would-be robber. Their happiness did not last. The Holy Navy sent a punitive expedition to their shores, and the young Rose watched her father and his crew perish, down to the last soul.


Rose's mother trained her in the death magic of her people, and with the spirits at her side she took to the sea once more. Wearing her father's relics - a tricorn hat and rapier, a Holy Navy uniform now dyed the color of blood - the charismatic "Redcoat" sails across Ana Delor, not for loot but for revenge against the forces of The Goddess. 


Many pirates admire Redcoat's daring, though they must do so from afar. Her father and his crew are all she needs.


"Rose, in your darkest hours, cleave to this heirloom and remember these words - you are never alone."