• Realm of Origin: Rune

• Current Realm: Rune

• Main Attribute: Aggression


The story of Magnius could have ended like that of so many other youths, as one more sacrifice to the pit beast Fenrok. Yet when Magnius walked into its lair, the volcano called Fenrok's Maw, the lava itself came to Magnius’s aid. He returned to the clan that sent him to die, a molten axe in one hand, Fenrok's severed head in the other.


Magnius became clan chief, wielding the ceremonial thorium hammer with ease. Yet Magnius does not yearn to lead, but to fight. One moment, he closes his eyes and hears a strange woman's song in his ears; the next, he wakes in a place he does not recognize, covered in the blood of his foes.


"There are fights, and then there are raptures."

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