• Realm of Origin: Unknown

• Current Realm: Rune

• Main Attribute: Subtlety


Boomslang is the sole surviving member of an order of assassins. The 2nd Blade of Miyamune, having met and defeated one at an oasis, tracked the assassins to their headquarters and turned their rigid training against them. Only Boomslang was able to improvise and escape.


Returning to the ruins of the headquarters, Boomslang found a shard of metal left behind by the 2nd Blade. After fashioning it into a dagger, Boomslang soon discovered its power to cut between realms. Now the eccentric yet effective assassin slices and shoots his way across the multiverse, his aims as mysterious as the small skull he carries and the new assassin order to which he belongs.


As the shadows coalesced, Boomslang hissed.

"Head or heart? Your choissse."

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