• Plane of Origin: Reign

• Current Plane: Reign

• Main Attribute: Aggression

• Secondary Attribute: Tenacity


Sir Aaron of Edenbarrow descends from one of the most prestigious military families in Reign. His mother, Cherynn the Mourning Rose, was the general who helped the Duke of Thorns become a crowned king.


As a squire, Aaron won a tournament held at the Rose Court. As a reward for his victory, The King of Thorns knighted Aaron, gave him the Greatlance Flamberge to wield, and sent him to Mount Aerie to slay a fire-breathing dragon.


Aaron succeeded, but the dragon's blood took its revenge. Now Aaron burns within, slowly transforming into the dragon he sought to destroy. With every battle, the flames grow hotter...


"Aaron trembled in his armor. Was it the thrill of battle, or something more?"