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Pick a class, and jump right in!

Our standard format. Pick up a single class, open it up, and start playing competitively. It's that easy!

This pre-constructed deck format is the perfect starting point for players who are new to Varia, are looking to try out new cards and not have to build their own deck, or don't want to have to invest hundreds of dollars just to be able to be considered competitive at their local store or sanctioned event.

Each class deck is built to be at a comparative power level to each other, offering a standardized competitive play experience. In the future we intend to rotate what classes are considered legal for tournament play, but for now all class decks are eligible for any sanctioned out-of-the-box event.


Set your class level, and build your own!


The perfect format for experienced players who want to experience everything Varia has to offer.

Level Constructed is our advanced constructed format. Create a build that perfectly defines you! A Varia "build" consists of your deck of action cards and collection of asset cards that you bring to the fight.


A Level Playing Field

The first thing you need to do is determine what restrictions your build will adhere to.

Our recommended "Build Restrictions" for competitive constructed play is as follows:

  • Start with 30 Health Points

  • Include assets with total value of 30 or less

  • Create a 30 card deck with a maximum level of 10

  • No more than 3 copies of any single card across the entire build


Determining your restrictions is important because it will set the power level of your build. If your build is level 10 and your opponent's is level 5, you will easily win. The key is to build at a level that is equal to the other players you will be playing with in order to ensure balanced gameplay.


Play the game your way!

We built Varia to be configurable. In all reality, there is no limit to how you play the game.
Varia's point & attribute system ensures fairness between two like builds.
As long as each build's relative level, decks size, and asset points are similar to one another, all players will come to the fight on equal footing.


Our suggested format uses a total asset value of 30, but there is nothing stopping you and your friends from trying out a 40 limit, or 100, or infinite! All that matters is that each player knows the limit ahead of time, and comes equally prepared.

The same approach is used for deck construction. We encourage decks to be limited to 30 cards, with no more than three copies of a single card, and a maximum level of 10. That said if your playgroup would like to try out 60 card decks with a four-of rule at level 20, or 100 card singleton decks, or decks that have no restrictions at all, feel free to do so! As long as all players are abiding by the same rules, you are in the clear!