The realms of Varia

Each realm of Varia is a piece of the multiverse, broken away from the rest and giving shape to an idea or force, such as creation, order, or freedom.


Yet the multiverse resists this fracturing, and over each realm, a godlike realmlord opposes the essence of the realm. A "good" realm must grapple with an evil realmlord. On a realm of darkness, a realmlord of light rises. This central conflict is the fuel that keeps each realm, and the multiverse at large, alive.


In brief flashes of cosmic time, the realmlords become mortal, and strife overtakes their realms. Realmlords may fall, and others rise to take their places. A realm may change ideas or even lose its purpose altogether, becoming a remnant, destined to drift through the cosmos until its energies are required once more.


The countless realms of Varia are yours to explore. Begin your discovery here.


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