Hit Fast and Hard

Fight with the ferocity of a volcano with this Varia class deck. As a Volcanic Warrior, you will feel unparalleled in melee combat. Stick to your enemies like glue and teach them why it was unwise to pick a fight with a guy with a gigantic maul and an axe made of lava.  

Attack until you win or attack until you lose. That's the volcanic warrior way.


VOlcanic Warrior



Critically Acclaimed

The Volcanic Warrior has a number of cards that care about rolling a maximum value on your focus roll. This "critical hit" mechanic will cause you to have a shot at dealing extra damage when the dice are in your favor. Cards like Critical Strike will lay on the hurt when the dice roll in your favor.

Critical Strike.jpg

Volcanic Warriors are trained combatants, and would never leave things up to chance alone. By combining cards with a critical chance with other actions, you can increase your odds of success. A Critical Strike+Aimed Edge combo would result in a focus roll of 6+2d4. If either of the d4 rolled for this combo come up as a 4, the action will meet its critical requirement and get an additional +3|+0.

Critical Strike.jpg
Aimed Edge.jpg

You're Enemies Won't Like You When You're Angry

Enraged is a stack that you will gain for yourself. The Volcanic Warrior is able to focus his aggression and gain three stacks of Enraged. This means that for three moments, the Volcanic Warrior's actions will have additional perks. All actions performed by the Volcanic Warrior over those three moments will be treated as if they have a start of moment engagement. Additionally, any physical actions performed by the Volcanic Warrior will get an additional power die!

Knowing when to Enrage and when to save it in your hand is the difference between a good and a great Volcanic Warrior. Try to use the action when your opponents will least expect it and when it will be most beneficial for you.


Powered By Aggression

Cranial Crash is unique in that its power will change over the course of the game. No matter what zone Cranial Crash is in (hand, timeline, discard, etc), its power will always be equal to three plus the highest aggression requirement on cards in your discard pile. When you are looking to plan this card, first check all the cards in your discard pile and find the single card with the highest number of aggression symbols in the bottom right-hand corner. That's how you can tell a card's aggression requirement. The card in your discard pile with the highest aggression requirement will set the power level of Cranial Crash.


When you perform Cranial Crash, if you have a Critical Strike in your discard pile, then Cranial Crash will have a power of 4. If you also have a Decapitate in your discard pile, then Cranial Crash's power will be 10 because Decapitate is the card with the highest aggression requirement in your discard pile. 




Sacrificed to the Gods

The story of Magnius could have ended like that of so many other youths, as one more sacrifice to the pit beast Fenrok. Yet when Magnius walked into its lair, the volcano called Fenrok's Maw, the lava itself came to Magnius’s aid. He returned to the clan that sent him to die, a molten axe in one hand, Fenrok's severed head in the other.


Magnius became clan chief, wielding the ceremonial thorium hammer with ease. Yet Magnius does not yearn to lead, but to fight. One moment, he closes his eyes and hears a strange woman's song in his ears; the next, he wakes in a place he does not recognize, covered in the blood of his foes.


"There are fights, and then there are raptures."


Realm of Origin: Rune | Current Realm: Rune | Main Attribute: Aggression