Strike From The Shadows

Assassinate your target before they know what hit them this Varia class deck. As a Shadow Assassin, you will stalk the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. When that moment comes, your opponents will wonder where they went wrong.  

Patience is key. When the perfect opportunity strikes, so will you!


Shadow Assassin


The Shadow Assassin has a number of cards that make it more difficult for your opponents to plan actions against you. This "stealthy" mechanic will cause you to create scenarios in which your opponents are unable to plan their best actions. Cards like Subtle Strike make it so that opponents are unable to overpower you with larget attacks or blocks. Any action they plan must have power less than or equal to Subtle Strike's power.

Beware! This effect only matters as an action is planned, so opponents can still combo multiple actions together against a Subtle Strike so long as the power of each individually planned action does not exceed Subtle Strike's power. For example, an opponent could plan multiple Force Blisters against your Subtle Strike, so long as each Force Blister was planned individually. It is for this reason that you also want to avoid combining Subtle Strike with any action that would increase its power, as that will leave you open to additional actions from your opponent.

Subtle Strike.jpg

Skulk the Shadows is similar in that it alters what your opponents can plan. The difference is that attacks, in general, cannot be planned to clash against it. If you happen to be playing a multiplayer match, your enemies will be free to attack each other, they just cannot plan to attack you. In a one vs. one match, Skulk the Shadows can set up a powerful turn, prevent your opponent from planning an attack of their own, or create a scenario where you just watch your target bleed out, securing the win for you!

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Skulk the Shadows.jpg
Force Blister.jpg

Vampiric Strikes

The Shadow Assassin's Transfusion Dregga action enables the class to play far more aggressively than other classes. Transfusion Dregga will only heal you for the damage it deals, so if you miss or if the damage is completely prevented by another action, your health will not be regained. The key is using the attack where you know you can mark some damage on your target. 


When your health is low, plan a large Transfusion Dregga combo attack that will bring your health back up to full in no time! 

Transfusion Dregga.jpg

Variable Focus

Voidwalk is unique in that its focus will change over the course of the game. No matter what zone Voidwalk is in (hand, timeline, discard, etc), its focus will always be equal to three plus the highest subtlety requirement on cards in your discard pile. When you are looking to plan this card, first check all the cards in your discard pile and find the single card with the highest number of subtlety symbols in the bottom right-hand corner. That's how you can tell a card's subtlety requirement. The card in your discard pile with the highest subtlety requirement will set the focus level of Voidwalk.



When you perform Voidwalk, if you have a Phantom's Kiss in your discard pile, then Voidwalk will have a focus of 6. If you also have a Slice 'em Up in your discard pile, then Voidwalk's focus will be 9 because Slice 'em Up is the card with the highest subtlety requirement in your discard pile. 


Phantoms Kiss.jpg
Slice em Up.jpg

Poisoned and Bleeding

Serrated Venom will enable you to apply a stack of Hemotoxin to your target. The stack is permanent and will cause all sorts of hurt for the person poisoned. Whenever the player with Hemotoxin takes damage from a physical action they will gain a stack of Bleeding. Normally, stacks of Bleeding will gradually decrease over time. Hemotoxin prevents that. Much like it does in real life, Hemotoxin causes the player affected to be unable to lose stacks of Bleeding. The more they are hit, the more they will bleed. The more they bleed, the faster they lose. 

Sticking your opponent with a Hemotoxin will change the way you approach a fight. From that point forward, look for every opportunity to stick your opponent with physical damage. Doing so will start the Bleeding, and will quickly end the game for your opponent. Once you have enough Bleeding on your enemy, Stalk the Shadows and watch them die.


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