Mystic Monk

I am the line between demonic rage and angelic grace.


An otherworldly dance.


The Mystic Monk weaves disparate energies into a combined offensive that will leave your opponents reeling.


As one of our more complicated classes, mastering the Mystic Monk will take some practice. Once you work it out, the combinations are deadly and rewarding.


A fierce move-set.


To balance out your angelic abilities are demonic actions that hit fast and hard. 

Choosing when to enhance your abilities and when to stockpile your Chi will provide countless options as you measure up your enemies and formulate a plan to defeat them.


Demonic rage. Angelic grace.


Perfect harmony.

Your reward for being so dedicated to spirit is an action that will leave you feeling super-human and your enemies feeling super dead. Once you pull off this powerful assault there will be no question who the master really is.

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