Unleash Your Inner Dragon

Become the dragon with this Varia class deck. As a Dragon Knight, you will battle with the decision to unleash your dragon rage. Your physical actions will tempt you to go all out and release your true power, but there's a catch! Hitting with the full force of a dragon will leave you vulnerable in the following moment.  

Will you go all out, or will you fight the rage welling in your heart?


The Dragon Knight has a number of cards that, upon planning them, ask you to make an important decision. Will you unleash your inner dragon, becoming vulnerable in the following moment, or will you contain it? 

Dragonrage is a keyword that does something we've never done before in Varia. It's a keyword that generates token actions. When you plan Fevered Upstroke, if you chose to not create any tokens, the card will function as a simple 3|3 for 3 action points.


If you plan Fevered Upstroke and elect to create the tokens, you will combo an Inner Dragon with the Fevered Upstroke you just planned, creating a 7|5 attack that costs 3 action points and 1 health point to perform. Quite the deal! The catch is that you will also create a Vulnerable action token in the following moment. This token cannot be combined or replaced and makes it so that actions are against you are essentially unopposed. The only way to get rid of the Vulnerable token is to either perform it (its cost is 0 action points), or replace the action that generated it (Fevered Upstroke). 

Basically, you can hit twice as hard as normal in one moment, but be unable to do anything in the following moment.

Discard Pile Mechanic

Animus of Destruction has a mechanic that functions while it is in your discard pile. Before performing an action, Animus of Destruction looks to see if the action you are trying to perform is Draconic. If it isn't, Animus of Destruction will automatically combine itself with the action you are about to perform, giving that action +2|-2, but also increasing that action's cost by 2 health points. 


When playing a game of Varia, it's your story being told. It's you swinging the sword, it's you blocking the blow. It's you unleashing your inner dragon rage. That said, our game world also has "dragon knights" that exists as a part of our lore. The stories below focus on one such character: Sir Aaron, the Dragon Knight of Edenbarrow.


Visual Novel

Follow the links below to enjoy a visual novel style story about Aaron, our Dragon Knight character. 

Become a Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight Class Deck

Dragon Knight Class Deck









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