Fight With A Goddess On Your Side

The odds feel like they are always in your favor with this Varia class deck. As a Divine Paladin, you will be backed by fate as your actions get improved die rolls. Your approach to battle is calm and collected because you know that fate is always on your side.

In the end, you will win. It is the will of the goddess.

Divine Paladin


Improved is the Divine Paladin's main mechanic and is a keyword that appears on a number of actions within the class deck. 


The Divine Paladin's actions that have the keyword improved will roll the dice twice, and take the higher result. Whenever an action with improved would make a roll for any reason (power, focus, or some other specified effect), an additional roll is made. The roll with the highest result is the one that will be used. Actions can gain improved more than once. For each instance of improved an action has, any rolls made will be rolled an additional time, and the highest result will be used. If an action would ever be impaired and improved at the same time, the impaired and improved would cancel each other out. 

Guided Strike will roll twice when making its power and focus rolls, taking the higher result for each roll. 

Healing Hammers (if you manage to make it gain improved) will not only roll its power and focus rolls twice and take the higher result, but it will also roll its end of moment 1d4 twice, taking the higher result then as well! Improved affects all dice rolls made for the action.

Eyes of the Goddess

Eyes of the Goddess is a stack that you will gain for yourself. The Divine Paladin is able to call for aid from his goddess and gain three stacks of Eyes of the Goddess. This means that for three moments, the Divine Paladin's actions will have additional perks. All actions performed by the Divine Paladin over those three moments will be treated as if they have the keyword improved


Additionally, your actions will treat your target's discarded actions as if they have the demonic subtype! This means that your actions will see your opponent's actions as if they had the demonic type in addition to your other types. Only you will see demonic actions, since only you have the Eyes of the Goddess.


This will come in handy when you have a few Slay the Wicked actions in hand and are not facing a class that has any demonic cards, but will not be a way to cause the Mystic Monk to lose balance since the Mystic Monk Player will see their discard pile as normal. The Eyes of the Goddess only affect what your cards see! 



Unbeatable is a second stack that you will gain for yourself. Performing Angelic Incarnation will gain you three stacks of Unbeatable. This means that for three moments, cannot lose the game and your opponents cannot win the game. If anything would happen that would normally cause you to lose (like being reduced to 0 or fewer health points) you simply do not lose and play continues as normal. 

Using Angelic Incarnation in combination with cards that enable you to regain health points is one way that the Divine Paladin can deny victory for the opponent and continue the fight long after they should have been able to otherwise. 


Setting A Roll

When you absolutely need your goddess to step in, the Divine Paladin has the ability to force the hands of fate. Divine Intervention can be discarded after rolling one or more dice in order to set a single die rolled to the number of your choice. Say you are rolling for Healing Hammers end of moment heal and you really need a 4. Make your roll, see what you get, and if it wasn't a 4, you can discard Divine Intervention and make it a 4. 


That's the power that the Divine Paladin brings to the table. Backed by the goddess, destiny cannot be avoided.


Become a Divine Paladin

Divine Paladin Class Deck

Divine Paladin Class Deck



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