Divine Paladin

As long as your faith does not falter, neither will you.




That's how it feels to be a Divine Paladin. 

As one of the devoted, you gain access to actions with the keyword improved. When you roll your dice, you'll get to do so twice - taking the better result and discarding the other. Combat seems like a breeze when you know the odds are in your favor.


Along with enhanced odds, this class grants access to potent healing capabilities.

As a Divine Paladin, you are playing the long game. If you can survive long enough, your opponent will eventually roll worse than you. 

When your actions are improved, it's only a matter of time.


Praying has its perks. 

Especially when your chosen deity wants you to come out on top.


Your reward for being so devoted to faith is a blessing that will literally prevent you from losing.

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