Death Pirate

Cause some mayhem for your enemies

Become a master death and disruption with this Varia class deck. As a Death Pirate, you will feel as though your opponent is a puppet dancing on strings you control. Infuriate your opponents as you have them to reroll their dice and force them to dance through a barrage of cannon fire. 

You don't need to be lucky when you can ensure your opponents never are. 



Impaired is the Death Pirate's main mechanic and is a keyword that appears on a number of actions within the class deck. 

Skeletal Strike.jpg


The Death Pirate's actions cause other actions that clash with the Death Pirate's action to gain the keyword impaired. An action is considered to be clashing with another action if those actions are planned in the same moment. Whenever an action with impaired would make a roll for any reason (power, focus, or some other specified effect), an additional roll is made. The roll with the lower result is the one that will be used. Actions can gain impaired more than once. For each instance of impaired an action has, any rolls made will be rolled an additional time, and the lowest result will be used. If an action would ever be impaired and improved at the same time, the impaired and improved would cancel each other out. 

An action clashing with a Drowning Dirge + Skeletal Strike combo would gain two instances of impaired. When rolling dice, that action would make three rolls and take the lowest result. If this combo was to clash against an action with improved (like with a Guided Strike), the result would that Guided Strike would be treated as if it had a single instance of impaired since it's improved and one of the two impaired would cancel.

Drowning Dirge.jpg
Skeletal Strike.jpg
Guided Strike.jpg


Charmed is a stack that you will apply to your enemies. The Death Pirate is able to use her charisma to apply two stacks of charmed to her target. This means that for two moments, the Death Pirate's enemies will be unable to deal damage or apply On-Hit effects. If they would deal damage or apply an On-Hit effect nothing happens instead. Thats the power of "cannot". It simply doesn't happen. 

You'll have to use Charm wisely, as there is a catch! If you deal damage or apply an On-Hit effect to a charmed target they will lose all stacks of Charmed and be able to damage you just fine.




Summoning is a powerful effect that brings cards outside of the game into play.

To summon something, take the card that represents whatever is being summoned and put it into play from outside of the game. The Death Pirate is able to summon the item card The Redemption. When Redcoat's Revenge tells you to summon The Redemption, you take your The Redemption card from outside of the game and place it into your item zone in front of you. 


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The Redemption.jpg