COsmic Mage

Punch with the force of a galaxy

Become a master of time and space with this Varia class deck. As a Cosmic Mage, you will feel as though the rules don't apply to you. Wow your opponents as you craft custom spells and rearrange the timeline to your liking. 

Anything is possible when time and space are on your side. 



Spellfuse is the Cosmic Mage's main mechanic and is a keyword that appears on a number of actions within the class deck. 

Cosmic Strike.jpg


Spellfuse works in a similar fashion to actions with the fast keyword in that actions with spellfuse can create combinations with your other cards. The main difference is that these combinations are created right before you plan them and not on the timeline. Because spellfuse occurs before you plan the card, the combination is treated as a single combined card as you plan it. This means things like fast or "when you plan this action" triggers will affect the entire combo


Combining a Cosmic Strike with a Windshank will result in a five cost magical attack that you can plan during the fast phases of the turn.


Combining a Reality Ripple with a Cosmic Denial will result in a defense you can deploy at fast speed that will shut down any offensive magic coming your way. 

Cosmic Strike.jpg
Reality Ripple.jpg
Cosmic Denial.jpg


Exchange - When a card like Alternate Timeline has you exchange an action on the timeline, the way it works is that you first select the action in your hand that will exchange places with an action on the timeline. Next, you put the action from your hand onto the timeline into a moment, and take the action that is already in the chosen moment and return it to your hand. (remember a combo is considered a single action). 

For example, let's say that your current timeline is Cosmic Strike+Alternate Timeline, Cosmic Strike, Cosmic Strike. At the end of moment one you would first need to exchange the Cosmic Strike you have planned in moment two. You would select an action from your hand (say Arcane Blast) and place it into moment two, returning the Cosmic Strike in moment two to your hand. Next, you would exchange the Cosmic Strike in moment three in this same fashion. 

Exchanging an action does not count as planning it, so it will not trigger anything that says "when this action is planned" or any rules other rules regarding the planning of an action. 


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