COsmic Mage

Fools run. Cowards hide. Veterans grit their teeth.


Punch with the force of a galaxy

A galaxy of your own design.


As the Cosmic Mage, you gain access to the keyword spellfuse, allowing you to craft custom spells by fusing magical actions while they are still in your hand. When you control the fabric of reality, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. 


Did we mention you can also control time?

You can also control time.

The Cosmic Mage is a rule breaker. Your actions allow you to do things that other players cannot because those players are bound by the laws of the multiverse. Watch them seethe with jealous envy as you do the impossible turn after beautiful turn. 


Speaking of breaking rules, this one shatters a big one.

Space and time are yours to control.


Your reward for being so dedicated to intellect is an action that breaks the play area itself. Rules don't apply when you wield this ultimate blade of compressed space-time. 

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