The 6th Blade of Miyamune

A Good Offense Is A Great Defense

Become an impenetrable wall of metal with this unique class deck. A wall that packs a punch.  As the 6th Blade you have access to some of the strongest defensive abilities in the game. What makes you unique is your weapon. As one of the fabled Blades of Miyamune, your speciality is defensive fighting. Your weapon will make it so that the second block you perform each turn is treated as if it were an attack instead, turning all of those impenetrable blocks into powerhouse assaults!



Treating Blocks As Attacks

The 6th Blade of Miyamune is an item with a passive rule that is always in effect. It states that the second block you perform each turn is treated as if it were an attack instead. As you are resolving the timeline, pay close attention to which moment you perform your second block. You perform an action once you pay its cost (otherwise it goes to the queue instead). When you perform your second block for the turn, from that point forward the game will consider that action to be an attack. The easiest way to track and resolve this is to imagine that the action had the supertype "Attack" instead of "Block".

Plan carefully. Your block that is being treated as an attack will trigger effects like those found on Mirrored Edge, enabling your opponent to attack you back with a copy of your high powered action, even if your opponent doesn't also have The 6th Blade of Miyamune equipped! That is because the rule of "block treated as an attack"will have gone into effect before the start of moment trigger did. Timing is crucial when playing as The 6th Blade. 


The 6th Blade class also has the Shield Slam action, enabling you to have a block be treated as an attack immediately upon creating the combo. Use this to your advantage and create attacks that are unique to the class. 

Remember! The 6th Blade of Miyamune looks for performed actions, so it will see a Shield Slam combo as a performed attack, not a block. Keep that in mind as you set up your actions for the turn.

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Variable Token Generation

Testudo is unique in that the number of tokens it will generate will change over the course of the game. When you plan Testudo, the "X" additional tokens it creates will be determined by the cards you have in your discard pile. When you are looking to plan this card, first check all the cards in your discard pile and find the single card with the highest number of tenacity symbols in the bottom right-hand corner. That's how you can tell a card's tenacity requirement. The card in your discard pile with the highest tenacity requirement will set the highest possible number of tokens you can create with a Testudo.


When you perform Testudo, if you have a Shirahadori Strike in your discard pile, then Testudo will create your choice of zero, one, or two token copies. If you also have a Reflector Shield in your discard pile, then Testudo will be able to create anywhere from zero to seven tokens, because Reflector Shield is the card with the highest tenacity requirement in your discard pile. 




The Perfect Defensive Weapon

The 6th Blade of Miyamune is both the sword and its bearer, an artificial warrior meant to wield the blade in a way no mortal ever could. Miyamune, the realmlord of Forge, sends his Blades to various realms to fight and report back to Forge with details such as successful strategies and previously unknown fighting styles.


For his 6th Blade, Miyamune sought to create the perfect defensive weapon. With a patience no mortal could match, the 6th protects and deflects until the opponent makes a mistake. One deadly reversal later, the 6th Blade sends its report to Forge. The most common:


"Notable technique: negative. Worthy opponent: negative."


Realm of Origin: Forge | Current Realm: Rune | Main Attribute: Tenacity