About US


Nothing is more important to us than the people who play our games.

As avid gamers ourselves, there is nothing more important to what we do than the people playing our games. Whether you are our most hardcore fan or totally new to our products, your voice matters to us. Our players are the reason we make games and are the foundation upon which our products are built. Whether it’s hosting gaming events with our community, pro-actively soliciting feedback, or committing to provide an unparalleled player support experience, it’s the ongoing back-and-forth we have with our audience that makes us who we are. We design our games for you, with you.


We always strive for a seamless fusion of design, narrative, and art in everything we do.

We adopted this idea from Riot Games because we believe it is the perfect way to attack game design. When mechanics and flavor clash, immersion is killed and nobody wins. By ensuring that our design, narrative, and art coalesce into a single entity, we are able to create experiences that bring your stories to life. Why read about powerful wizards when you can feel what it's like to be one yourself? We want you to know the glory a warrior experiences in battle. We want you to feel the thrill a hunter experiences on the prowl. Through D.N.A, we offer depth that goes beyond anything game design, narrative, and art can do alone. 


We never stop challenging ourselves to develop new and exciting gameplay experiences.

We believe that we are at our best when we are exploring new ways to tackle game design. Whether it's using the latest technology or approaching an existing media in a new and refreshing way, we are always looking to reinvent what exists out there in order to offer fresh and exciting experiences to our players. This passion for innovation is not limited to games under development. We are always looking for better ways to interact with our community, whether it's through social media, local events, convention appearances, or something yet to be discovered. 


We love playing games. Every game we make is a game we want to play.

If our players aren't enjoying themselves, we've failed. If the people working on our products aren't enjoying themselves, we've failed. Games are, at their core, fun. If we aren't having fun, then we aren't in the games business. We work hard to ensure that every aspect of our company is an enjoyable one. From our products to our interactions with our community, we look to make every experience fun. We got into the industry because we love playing and making games, and we don't want that ever to lose sight of that.